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Our advantage

A leading pharmaceutical company focus on specialized pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.


Now 2 APIs have passed GMP certification, in which guaiacol ether has been approved by European COS certification and American FDA certification

Research and design

The company has strong R & D capability and rich production experience, is a state-level high-tech enterprises

Sustainable development

Embodied in the concept of green chemistry into research and development, production, engineering

Haizhou Pharmaceutical

Established in 1970, Zhejiang Haizhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., is a leading pharmaceutical company focus on specialized pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.The company, located in Yanhai Industrial Park, one of the largest pharmaceutical industrial zone in China, covers an area of 35 acres. Through its three product segments – Guaiacol derivatives, Epichlorohydrin derivatives and Iodine contrast medias -, Haizhou Pharm offers a portfolio of products and services globally, including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Intermediates, fine chemicals and Customs manufacturing service.

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Zhejiang Haizhou pharmaceutical and Netsun signed a cooperation agreement to build a private enterprise transaction platform

Recently, Zhejiang Haizhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd and Netsun (002095.SZ) signed a cooperation agreement to promote private enterprises to build online trading platform, enterprise sales strategy, and choose to promote enterprise financial strategy of online sales.

Sophisticated bio medicine gradually become capital darling

n recent years, with China's population growth, aging accelerated, health care reform policies come forth, the medical health sector has become the industry favored by the capital. With BAT and other Internet giants have entered the huge investment Lilac Garden, rain mobile health and medical Internet plus project attracted the attention of many people.

Three major changes combed! Supply chain reform in the whole industry chain of drug research and development, production and purchase"

This year, "double 11", CFDA issued the "8 companies on 11 applications for drug registration approval" (2015 229th), so that the entire pharmaceutical industry shocked. However, the day before the double 11, the highest national leaders for the first time put forward "supply side structural reforms", half a month so far has frequently stressed that "supply side reforms" have recently become one of the hot areas of economic Chinese words. For the pharmaceutical industry, the rationale for this year, CFDA and other ministries promulgated a series of announcements and policies, you can find that the pharmaceutical industry is from research and development, production and procurement of 3 aspects of the "supply side" reform". It can be foreseen that the supply side reform of the pharmaceutical industry in the future will only strengthen, and there is no possibility of backing off.

The special tax inspection to rectify the pharmaceutical industry, a large area of the country to start

Officially launched a nationwide medical tax check special rectification. The day before, including the Tianjin IRS audit bureau and other national tax authorities have issued on...

In 2017, 5 large pharmaceutical companies with a major breakthrough

Since 2017, despite the Trump administration's attack on drug pricing, the growth of the biopharmaceutical industry has not been affected, but has remained relatively strong...

Academician Lunan pharmaceutical innovation line seminar heldAcademician Lunan pharmaceutical innovation line seminar held

In June 2nd, academician Chen Jisheng, Li Lianda and Liao Wanqing of the Chinese Academy of Engineering visited and investigated the Lunan Pharmaceutical Group, and the academicians visited Lunan pharmaceutical group...