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Company profile

Established in 1997, Zhejiang Haizhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., is a leading pharmaceutical company focus on specialized pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.


The company, located in Yanhai Industrial Zone, one of the largest pharmaceutical industrial zone in China, covers an area of 35 acres. Through its three product segments – Guaiacol derivatives, Epichlorohydrin derivatives and Iodine contrast medias -, Haizhou Pharm offers a portfolio of products and services globally, including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Intermediates, Fine Chemicals and Customs Manufacturing Service.


Haizhou Pharm is ISO9001/14001 and OHSAS18001 approved, and ISO/OHSAS management philosophy deeps into whole process of the company. Moreover, its API production is in line with cGMP standard and approved by NMPA (China FDA), US-FDA and EDQM respectively.


With professional contract manufacturing project team and multi-functional workshops, the company is in long-term cooperation with famous global pharmaceutical enterprises, providing contract service under both GMP and none GMP conditions.




Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) and Green Chemistry


The sustainable development concept of Haizhou Pharmaceutical is embodied in the company's implementation of environmental protection, occupational health and safety* measures in every aspect of company management, and the integration of the concept of green chemistry into R&D, production and engineering. In 2003, the company moved to a coastal chemical park—a large-scale reclamation park in Zhejiang Province—in order to uphold this philosophy and be responsible to the society and the environment.

Haizhou’s EHS system consists of an environmental management system in compliance with ISO140001 and an occupational health and safety* management system in compliance with OHSAS18001, and is regularly audited and evaluated by international organizations. The company's continuous ammonia production unit follows the guiding principles of green chemistry in terms of design concepts, and achieves the goal of zero discharge of waste water and waste gas, thus making its own contribution to environmental protection and public welfare undertakings.


EHS Slogan


· Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management,

· Full participation, improvement of the environment, protection of health,

· Energy saving, scientific management and continuous improvement.


EHS Goals


· Industrial risk management through risk identification, risk assessment and classification, with the aim of preventing personal injury, property loss, occupational diseases, accidental pollution and EHS accidents.

· Reduce environmental impact to acceptable levels.

· Comply with laws and regulations and professional advice in different activities.

· Strengthen the management of production products, product safety, and transportation safety of hazardous materials.

· Carry out regular safety inspections and effective intervention in all serious accidents.

· Together with the quality assurance department, develop and implement regulations consistent with this goal.

· Integrate EHS goals into our management goals.

· Employees participate in company improvement and training, etc.

· Formulate an EHS plan every year and determine EHS improvement goals.

· The company strengthens EHS measures from design to operation.


Environment Management


The company passed ISO14001 certification on June 27, 2008.


main activities


· Regularly identify, evaluate, publicize and implement relevant national laws, regulations and standards

· Identify, evaluate and improve the environmental risks of all links in the production process

· Supervise the production, transmission, harmless treatment, and discharge of the three wastes, so as to reduce the impact on the environment to a tolerable level

· Supervise R&D and production departments to save energy and reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency, and achieve sustainable development

· Provide necessary training to employees

· Investigate and analyze environmental accidents and form reports


Wastewater treatment facility


In order to ensure that the wastewater produced can meet the discharge standards, the company invested 7 million yuan to build a wastewater treatment facility with a daily treatment capacity of 350 tons. The facility was designed by Zhejiang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. The high-boiling, high-salinity wastewater is distilled, and the distilled product enters the integrated pool and mixes with the low-concentration wastewater of the workshop. Discharge up to standard after precipitation.


Waste gas treatment facility


In order to ensure the emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), the company invested 4 million yuan to build a set of RTO (thermal incineration) system with an air volume of 20,000 cubic meters per hour to eliminate the emission of VOCs.


Occupational Health and Safety Management


The company passed OHSAS18001 certification on June 27, 2008.


Main Occupational Health Activities


· Identify, evaluate, publicize and implement national laws, regulations and standards related to occupational health

· Identify, evaluate and improve occupational health hazards in the production process

· According to the occupational health hazard assessment report, select appropriate and appropriate PPE (labor protection equipment) for the operating staff

· Provide an annual physical examination for all employees

· Provide necessary training to employees

· Provide employees with drinks for cooling and relieving heat during high temperature


Main activities of safety management


· Identify, evaluate, publicize and implement national laws, regulations, and standards related to safety and production

· Before the start of the project, identify, evaluate, analyze, and improve safety hazards in the production process

· During the project start-up and production process, the site safety hazards are controlled to prevent safety accidents

· Investigate, analyze and report on EHS accidents and near misses

· Supervise the integrity of equipment and facilities, formulate preventive maintenance plans, and control the hazards generated during the maintenance process


Process risk analysis


· After the project design is completed, the various processes of the process are split according to PID (pipeline instrument flow chart), hazard identification is performed on each part, hazard level assessment is performed for the identified hazards, and rectification plans are proposed for high-hazard risks. Then identify, re-evaluate, and re-analyze, until the hazard level of the risk is reduced to a tolerable level before the project can be started
· When the completed project needs to be changed, the process risk analysis procedure must also be executed


Emergency Response


· In order to reduce the loss of company employees and property in emergency situations, analyze the natural and unnatural emergency situations that may occur, and formulate corresponding emergency response plans, confirm the emergency response commander, establish an emergency response team, and conduct it every year Drills of various emergency response procedures

· In order to ensure the integrity of the trade chain, formulate a business continuity plan to ensure supply and avoid the loss of corporate reputation


Equipment and facility integrity


Carry out periodic inspections of production equipment and facilities, identify hazards, and develop preventive maintenance plans.

Solemn declaration of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment


Solemn declaration of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment


Solemn declaration of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment


  • 1970

    Founded as Linhai Pharmaceutical Factor

  • 1996

    Began the production of Guaifenesin

  • 1997

    Renamed as Zhejiang Jianfeng Haizhou Pharmaceutical Co,, Ltd.

  • 2003

    Relocated to current site ----- Yanhai Industrial Zone, in answering to environment protection and future growth requirement

  • 2004

    New workshops were approved by SFDA

  • 2006

    Built two multifunctional workshops to improve contract manufacturing servi

  • 2008

    ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 approve

  • 2009

    Approved by EDQM for Guaifenesin production;Inspected by Wyeth, Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi

  • 2010

    Added three more workshops for contrast media intermediates.

  • 2011


  • 2012